Winners of 2014 Scholarship and Travel Grants Announced

AAHS is very pleased to announce the awarding of just over $6,000 in Research and Travel Grants to nine individuals from seven different institutions. A big thank you to all of you whose contributions to our Research and Scholarship fund and our auction for allowing us to make these awards.  List of this years awardees.

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New AAHS Logo

On December 16, 2013 AAHS adopted a new logo. We are especially pleased that the logo was designed by renowned artist Gerald Dawavendewa, Many thanks to the Ad Hoc Logo Committee for their work!

It is our hope that the new logo conveys: that the AAHS is dedicated to research and dissemination of information about archaeology and history; that the scope of the Society’s interest reaches to all parts of the American Southwest and that we are in some sense a “community” beyond the mere common interest in “cultural things.”

We felt, as did many AAHS  members, that Kokopelli was very tired and its use in AAHS pages a clichéd kitsch-art abuse of an Ancestral Pueblo mythological figure.

The new AAHS logo also symbolizes the AAHS Board’s dedication to expanding the appeal of AAHS to geographically and topically broader audiences, and to deliver better value in our publications and services to our membership.




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Guest Editor Sought for 100th Anniversary Issue of Kiva

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society (AAHS) in 2016, the AAHS Publications Committee is seeking a guest editor to create a forward-looking issue of five to six articles about how we practice anthropology and history in the Southwest United States and northern Mexico, a region where some of [...]

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To see our book reviews from before October, 2013 click here.



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