Third Annual Carryl B. Martin Award goes to Mary Ownby

From a very competitive field the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society (AAHS) Research Grant Committee has recommended, and the AAHS Board of Directors has accepted, the awarding of the third Carryl B. Martin Research Award of $5,000 to Mary Ownby of Desert Archaeology Inc. for the project entitled Reconstructing Identity in the Late Pre-Hispanic Papaguería: Production, Distribution, and Use of Sells Red Pottery. 

The proposed project will expand archaeological knowledge of the Papaguería, a region which has seen less research than many parts of Arizona, through a collaborative effort with the Tohono O’odham Nation’s Cultural Preservation Office, local avocational archaeologists, CRM firm Desert Archaeology Inc., and the non-profit organization Archaeology Southwest. The focus of the winning proposal is the pottery type Sells Red, originally defined by Scantling (1940) based on his 1938-39 work at Jackrabbit Ruin. Of particular relevance to Sells Red pottery is the potential for its use in the past as a marker of social identity that likely emerged in the eastern Papaguería in the AD 1200s and spread to the southern Tucson Basin and middle Santa Cruz as well as farther west in the Papaguería. 

In 2015, AAHS received of a substantial bequest from the estate of Carryl B. Martin, an avocational archaeologist and long-time member of AAHS. Her desire was to specifically support research. In honor of her wishes, the AAHS board of directors established an annual award of $5,000 to be given to a high-quality archaeological or historical research project focused on significant questions in the archaeology of the Southwest United States or Northwest Mexico. This is the third of an anticipated five awards to be given by AAHS.

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We are very excited about the 2019 SAA Crabtree Award

The “Rock Band” at the end of the AAHS sponsored recording at Cocoraque Ranch. Janine Hernbrode in lilac shirt on right and Peter Boyle far left in turquoise shirt.

The Board of Directors of the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society (AAHS) is pleased to announce that two of our members, Peter Boyle and Janine Hernbrode, will be awarded the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) Crabtree Award at its annual meeting in April. This award is given to outstanding avocational archaeologists.

Peter and Janine have followed their passions over the last 15 years in leading research to document, interpret, and preserve rock art sites in Arizona, most recently at Cocoraque Buttes with numerous volunteers from AAHS known as the “Rock Band.” This latest research project alone inventoried and recorded over 12,000 rock art features. They have made significant contributions to our understanding and preservation of rock art of the American Southwest through their research, scholarly publications, and conference presentations. In addition, they have promoted archaeology as board members and/or officers of both AAHS and Archaeology Southwest. The SAA is awarding the Crabtree Award to Peter and Janine because of their exemplary archaeological teamwork that engages both the interested public and professional archaeologists.

Congratulations to Peter and Janine for this great honor! 

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