Hayden Paper Competition Winner Announced

We are very pleased to announce the winner of the 2015 Julian D. Hayden Competition. This year saw a competitive field with 8 entries from six universities.  Robert Weiner of Brown University was selected for his paper Shells, Bells, and Chocolate: Exotica and Sensory Ritual at Chaco Canyon. The prize jointly sponsored with the Arizona […]

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AAHS Spearheads Revisit to Desperation Ranch

Western Stemmed and Chiricahua type projectile points from Desperation Ranch



A rare combination of circumstances has given AAHS the opportunity to do a strategic re-excavation of the Cave Creek Midden site near Portal, Arizona. The site was briefly investigated by the Gila Pueblo Archaeological Foundation in 1936, and despite the limited information collected at that time has become the type site defining a long interval of Southwest prehistory, the middle stage of the Cochise Culture. Unpublished but important documents are curated at the Arizona State Museum, the content of which will be included in the Society’s final report. In light of this rare opportunity, many people have stepped up to donate funding, time, curation costs, and equipment. The funding is in hand to carry out the excavation but we are seeking $4,000 in additional donations to cover the analysis of radiocarbon, pollen, and stable isotope samples. We hope you are excited about this opportunity to contribute to Southwest archaeology. For details of the project Desperation Ranch Project Description.


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