Winners of 2014 Scholarship and Travel Grants Announced

AAHS is very pleased to announce the awarding of just over $6,000 in Research and Travel Grants to nine individuals from seven different institutions. A big thank you to all of you whose contributions to our Research and Scholarship fund and our auction for allowing us to make these awards.  List of this years awardees.

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Guest Editor Sought for 100th Anniversary Issue of Kiva

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society (AAHS) in 2016, the AAHS Publications Committee is seeking a guest editor to create a forward-looking issue of five to six articles about how we practice anthropology and history in the Southwest United States and northern Mexico, a region where some of the most innovative work in North America was and is being conducted. Topics could include, but are not limited to, collaborative U.S.–Mexican projects, indigenous views of history, big science/big data, the new conservation archaeology, communication to scholarly and public audiences.

AAHS seeks a guest editor who can encourage narrative articles that consider disciplinary history in the Southwest while looking forward and who is committed to creativity in finding voices who can write for avocational and professional audiences. Proposals will also be judged based upon how well they fit with the AAHS’s objectives:

  • to encourage scholarly pursuits in the history and anthropology of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico;
  • to encourage the preservation of archaeological and historical sites;
  • to encourage the scientific and legal gathering of cultural information and materials;
  • to publish the results of archaeological, historical and ethnographic investigations;
  • to aid in the functions and programs of the Arizona State Museum; and
  • to provide educational opportunities through lectures, field trips, and other activities.

Please reply with a letter of interest that summarizes your vision for this issue, a proposed table of contents (you do not need to contact authors in advance), and a curriculum vitae. Materials should be addressed to: Publications Committee, c/o Sarah Herr ( by July 1, 2014.

A draft volume will be due to the acquisitions editor of Kiva one year after a contract is signed for publication in volume year 81. A stipend will be offered when the final draft of the volume is submitted.





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Tumamoc Rock Art Volume Available


 A few copies of “New Perspectives on the Rock Art and Preshistoric Settlement Organization of Tumamoc Hill, Tucson, Arizona” are available through our store.
This volume describes the results of a several year AAHS project to record all the rock art on Tumamoc Hill and includes a description of the current thinking on the occupation of the [...]

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