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Previous Winners of the Julian D. Hayden Paper Competition

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2017 Kristina Whitney, University of New Mexico
The Origins of Flat-Backed Canteens in the American Southwest, published in Kiva 83(3)

2016 Saul Hedquist, University of Arizona
Ritual Practice and Exchange in the Late Prehispanic Western Pueblo Region: Insights from the Distribution and Deposition of Tuquoise at Homol’ovi I, published in Kiva 82(3)

2015 Robert Weiner, Brown University
Shells, Bells, and Chocolate: Exotica and Sensory Ritual at Chaco Canyon, published in Kiva 81(3-4)

2014 No award given

2013 No award given

2012 Erina Gruner, SUNY Binghamton
Re-envisioning Nativism: The Use of Ecclesiastical paraphernalia during the Pueblo Revolt published in Kiva 78(3)

2011 Anna Osterholz, University of Nevada Las Vegas
Hobbling and Torture as Performative Violence: An Example from the Prehistoric Southwest
published in Kiva 78(2)

2009 F. Scott Worman and Hannah V. Mattson, University of New Mexico
Arroyos and Agriculture: Geoarchaeological Investigations at Puebo Pinato, published in Kiva 75(4)

2007 M. Jill Ahlberg-Yohe, University of New Mexico
What Weavings Bring: The Social Value of Weaving Objecs in Contemporary Navajo Life. published in Kiva 73(4)

2006 Melissa Kruse, Arizona State University
The Agricultural Landscape of Perry Mesa: Modeling Residential Site Location in Relation to Arable Lands, published in Kiva 73(1)

2005 Joshua Roffler, Arizona State University
Frank Russell at Gila River: Constructing an Ethnographic Description, published in Kiva 71(4)

2003 Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh, Indiana University
Signs in Place: Native American Perspectives of the Past in the San Pedro Valley of Southeastern Arizona, published in Kiva 69(1)

2001 M. Guadelupe Sanchez, University of Arizona
Synopsis of Paleo-Indian Archaeology in Mexico, published in Kiva 67(2)

2000 Alexa M. Smith, University of Arizona
Zoomorphic Iconography on Preclassic Hohokam Red-on-Buff Pottery: A Whole Vessel Study from the Gila River Basin, published in Kiva 66(2)

1999 Kari M. Schmidt, University of New Mexico
The Five Feature Site (AZ CC:7:55[ASM]): Evidence for A Prehistoric Rabbit Drive in Southeastern Arizona, published in Kiva 65(2)