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AAHS activities include monthly lectures, field trips, museum visits and archaeological activities. Lectures, which are free and open to the public are held the third Monday of the month, every month except August, at 7:30 pm in DuVal Auditorium, University Medical Center, 1501 N. Campbell Ave., Tucson. Field trips are generally held monthly. Current projects include curation and analysis of materials from the Fort Mason site. We jointly sponsor a Navajo Textile Study Group with the Tucson Museum of Art.

John G Douglass - "Creating Community in Colonial Alta California"

15 May at 7:30 pm

Map of the Los Angeles Basin area illustrating the locations of Mission period rancho boundaries and the approximate location of Native Californian villages, based on ethnohistoric and archaeological data. Map created by Stephen Norris, Statistical Research, Inc. The arrival of settlers, soldiers, and missionaries representing the Spanish State to Alta California in 1769 fundamentally transformed Native [...] » Read more

 Bones and more Bones - Arizona State Museum

16 May at 10:00 am

Jim Watson in the Field Jim Watson, Associate Curator of Bioarchaeology and Nicole Mathwich, Zooarchaeology Curatorial Assistant, will host an engaging two-hour combination seminar and lab experience on methods and what we can learn from human and animal remains recovered from archaeological contexts.  Participants will learn some hands-on anatomy basics with favorite desert animals, how bones are [...] » Read more

Saul Hedquist - "A Colorful Past: Turquoise and Social Identity in the Late Prehispanic Western Pueblo Region, A.D. 1275-1400"

19 June at 7:30 pm

Mosaic forms: turquoise with red stone and marine shell. Specimens from Homol’ovi I (a), Nuvakwewtaqa/Chavez Pass (b, [from Fewkes 1904:Plate 34]), and Kinishba (c). These and similar items are blatant symbolic references to moisture. Turquoise is synonymous with the U.S. Southwest, occurring naturally in relative abundance and culturally prized for millennia. As color and material, turquoise [...] » Read more

Wupatki, MNA and Petroglyphs

23 June at 2:00 pm

Join us for a cool weekend in Flagstaff. On Friday afternoon June 23rd we will tour the amazing repository at the Museum of Northern Arizona. ($5.00 fee). Saturday we will spend the day at Wupatki National Monument with archaeologist Ian Hough visiting many of the ancestral sites built by the Cohonina, Kayenta Anasazi, and Sinagua. Wupatki was first inhabited [...] » Read more

Matthew Guebard - "New Discoveries and Native American Traditional Knowledge at Montezuma Castle National Monument"

17 July at 7:30 pm

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80th Anniversary Pecos Conference

10 August at all day

The 80th Pecos Conference will be held near Pecos, New Mexico August 10-13. There will be no AAAHS August lecture in Tucson. For more information. » Read more

Kurt Dongoske - "Zuni Heritage and Cultural Landscape Documentation Through Film: Zuni and the Grand Canyon"

18 September at 7:30 pm

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