John Roney Added to Roots of SW Archaeology Interviews

AAHS’ Roots of Southwestern Archaeology program is gathering steam! We are conducting, editing and posting interviews with prominent, long time Southwestern archaeologists. It is hoped that these interviews will be a valuable resource in the future. Available now on our YouTube channel or through our Roots of Southwestern Archaeology are interviews with Ray Thompson, Paul Fish, Suzy Fish, Bunny Fontana and Jim Ayres. Just posted is an interview with long-time BLM archaeologist, John Roney. Coming soon are interviews with Bill Gillespie, Gloria Fenner and a wonderful series of interviews resurrected from the archives with Emil Haury. Stay tuned!


Presidents Message

Annual Research and Travel Grants Made

One of the missions of AAHS is to support research and we are pleased to fund six Research grants to members of five institutions and one independent researcher. Work includes analysis of metates at Pueblo Bonito, analysis of Cibola white ware from late period Tewa Basin sites, radiocarbon dates from Pottery Mound, AMS dating from three sites in Southeastern Arizona, further study of Chacoan Roads and reanalysis of Southwestern dogs housed at the Museum of Northern Arizona.

We also awarded six travel grants of $500 each to students to attend the now-cancelled SAA’s in Austin. These awards will be held for next year.

Details of awards can be found here.


  • Most AAHS Activities Postponed

    The Board of Directors has made the decision to postpone all Society events (see note on Mimbres Field trip below) are postponed until further notice.  This includes field trips, lectures, books sales, etc.  As President John Hall noted when we canceled the March lecture and general meeting: “the safety and well-being of the membership is [...]Read More »

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New In Press and On Line

Ever wondered what you should do if you encounter human remains while digging in your garden or on an archaeological site? A recent blog by Homer Thiel, Desert Archaeology, gives a clear explanation. Remember as a benefit of membership AAHS members can access Kiva on-line with no charge. You can view our lectures on our YouTube Channel.

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