Oaxaca Site of first AAHS Traditional Technologies Trip

The Traditional Technologies Program of the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society was initiated with a March 2019 trip to Oaxaca.

The objectives of this recently established program are to contribute to the preservation and revitalization of Southwestern traditional arts by creating opportunities for cross-cultural exchange, travel, and research for Native American and Hispano artists and scholars and non-Native scholars who practice or study Southwestern traditional technologies as well as to organize, facilitate, sponsor, and fund educational travel seminars for artists and scholars who practice or study Southwestern traditional arts and technologies, especially members of underserved communities who typically lack access to funding. This program was made possible through the extraordinary generosity of a donor.


It was an honor to do this inter-cultural trip with esteemed Zuni, Hopi, Tiwa, Santa Clara and Comanche textile and basketry artists, along with an ethnohistorian, a biologist, and several textile scholars and archaeologists.

Presidents Message

We are very excited about the 2019 SAA Crabtree Award

The “Rock Band” at the end of the AAHS sponsored recording at Cocoraque Ranch. Janine Hernbrode in lilac shirt on right and Peter Boyle far left in turquoise shirt.

The Board of Directors of the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society (AAHS) is pleased to announce that two of our members, Peter Boyle and Janine Hernbrode, will be awarded the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) Crabtree Award at its annual meeting in April. This award is given to outstanding avocational archaeologists.

Peter and Janine have followed their passions over the last 15 years in leading research to document, interpret, and preserve rock art sites in Arizona, most recently at Cocoraque Buttes with numerous volunteers from AAHS known as the “Rock Band.” This latest research project alone inventoried and recorded over 12,000 rock art features. They have made significant contributions to our understanding and preservation of rock art of the American Southwest through their research, scholarly publications, and conference presentations. In addition, they have promoted archaeology as board members and/or officers of both AAHS and Archaeology Southwest. The SAA is awarding the Crabtree Award to Peter and Janine because of their exemplary archaeological teamwork that engages both the interested public and professional archaeologists.

Congratulations to Peter and Janine for this great honor!


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