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J. Jefferson Reid – “Prehistory, Personality, and Place: Emil W. Haury and the Mogollon Controversy”

Emil W Haury dressed for field work, 1930's
Emil W Haury dressed for field work, 1930’s

When Emil Haury defined the ancient Mogollon  in the 1930s as a culture distinct from their Ancestral Pueblo (Anasazi) and Hohokam neighbors, he triggered a major intellectual controversy in the history of Southwestern archaeology. The controversy centered on whether the Mogollon were truly a different culture or merely a backwoods variant of Ancestral Pueblo People.  The well-documented archaeology and the famous and powerful archaeologists of the era played major roles in this controversy. The presentation tells the story of archaeological discovery, the remarkable individuals who debated Mogollon authenticity and antiquity, and the eventual resolution of the controversy.