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Valencia Site

Join Pima County archaeologist Ian Milliken for a tour of the Valencia site. The Valencia Site is a large, very well preserved Hohokam village with Late Archaic pithouses and the first reported Clovis Paleoindian point from the Tucson Basin having been documented within the boundaries of the site. It is comprised of two archaeological sites, AZ BB:13:15(ASM) and AZ BB:13:74(ASM) with documented occupations spanning from 600 B.C. to A.D. 1200. The Hohokam component of the Valencia site situates its use within the Late Pioneer, Colonial, and Sedentary periods. A small amount of early Classic period materials were also noted in the northern site areas. The Valencia Site has a large number of domestic features, such as pithouses, trash mounds, cremations, storage pits, and cooking pits. It also has public features that include a ballcourt and a large, centrally located open space that may be a public plaza. Prepare for a half day trip, bring your lunch, or grab some fantastic tacos in South Tucson when the trip ends. To register for the trip contact Cannon Daughtrey. Participation is limited to 20.