AAHS is a forum for professionals in archaeology and related fields and the general public to share their common connection to the Southwest’s rich cultural history. The Society was founded in 1916. It is a nonprofit, educational organization affiliated with the Arizona State Museum.

The objectives of the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society (AAHS) are:

(1) to encourage scholarly pursuits into the history and anthropology of the southwest United States and northwest Mexico;
(2) to encourage preservation of archaeological sites and historical properties;
(3) to encourage the scientific and legal gathering of cultural information and materials;
(4) to publish the results of these investigations;
(5) to aid in the functions of the Arizona State Museum; and
(6) to provide educational opportunities through lectures, field trips and other activities.

AAHS considers the following to be contrary to the Society’s objectives and enjoins its members, as a condition of membership, to abstain from the following:

(1) the practice of collecting and dealing in archaeological materials for personal gain;
(2) the excavation of archaeological sites or historic properties without permit or permission; and
(3) the unlawful or unethical acquisition of archaeological or ethnographic materials.

Activities announced monthly in the newsletter, Glyphs, provide educational and social opportunities to explore these interests. The Society’s quarterly journal, Kiva, publishes original research in southwestern anthropology and history and is an internationally recognized professional journal.

AAHS Bylaws