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Recipients of the Alexander J. Lindsay Jr. Unsung Hero Award

Alexander J. Lindsay, Jr.

Established in 2017, the Alexander J. Lindsay Unsung Hero Award honors the late Lex Lindsay, a long-time southwestern archaeologist, AAHS supporter and Board Officer. Although Lex was definitely not an unsung hero, he recognized the importance of individuals whose work has often gone unacknowledged, but that is critical to the success of others’ archaeological, anthropological, or historical research.

2017 –  Barbara Breternitz and Cherie Freeman
2018 – Jamie Merewether and Marilyn Markel
2019 – Timothy B. Graves and Lonnie C. Ludeman
2020 – Helen L. O’Brien and Deborah V. Gibson
2021 – Karen Armstrong and John R. Stein
2022 – Monica Young