Video Field Trip to the ASM Pottery Vault

Special Opportunity for AAHS Members Only AAHS@Home presents a close up tour of the renowned Arizona State Museum Pottery Vault with Dr. Patrick Lyons, ASM Director, Associate Professor of Anthropology, archaeologist and ceramics expert. In this pre-recorded tour Dr. Lyons will give an overview of the collection of 24,000 whole vessels housed in the vault.  […]

Enjoy the Rock Imagery of King Canyon on a Virtual Field Trip

This Field Trip is open to AAHS Members Only. You must pre-register for this event. You can do so by following this link. Take a virtual walk through King Canyon, a sacred location with a deep history now located in Saguaro National Park. Rock art researcher Janine Hernbrode will lead the tour with the help of […]

Goat Camp Ruin Zoom Tour

Join archaeologist Scott Wood for a virtual tour of Goat Camp Ruin, located within the Town of Payson, Arizona, a relatively small but well preserved prehistoric village containing 25+ surface rooms of both full height stone masonry and jacal walls on stone foundations, a central plaza, a number of stone retaining walls and check dams, […]

Santa Cruz de Terrenate

Dr. Deni Seymour will lead us on a tour of Santa Cruz de Terrenate, the best-preserved example of three presidios (forts) established in what is now the southern Arizona by the Spanish colonial government. The objective was to provide the missions, settlers, and Christianized Native Americans of New Spain military protection from Apaches and other […]

A Guided Walk through Iron Horse National Register Historic District

Since soon after the pandemic began, Drs. John Douglass and Sarah Herr have walked a different Tucson neighborhood almost every Saturday morning. Early on, they focused on the nearly 40 (!) listed National Register Historic Districts in the Old Pueblo, and once they exhausted that list, they have been walking other neighborhoods. Come and walk […]

Classic Northern Sinagua Sites – Flagstaff

 Immerse yourself in Sinagua and Southwestern history while spending a day and a half in Flagstaff with Coconino National Forest Service Archaeologist Peter Pilles. On Saturday we will visit Elden Pueblo (65 room excavated pueblo, Hopi ancestral site, Elden phase 1150-1250, type site, dug by Fewkes), Turkey Hill Pueblo (22 room pueblo, Turkey Hill phase […]

Chaco: From the Outside In

The trip will begin mid-morning on Saturday with a visit to Casamero Ruin and the Dittert Site, two Chacoan Outliers located near Grants, New Mexico (about a 7 hour trip for Tucson) although far smaller than the Great Houses of Chaco Canyon, these two sites illustrate the architectural characteristics and settlement patterns that link over […]

Virtual Field Trip – The Great Cave Murals of Baja California

This field trip is free and open to the public but you must preregister. Click here to Preregister.  Hidden in the sierras of Baja California, in some of the most forbidding terrain, are thousands of brilliantly painted images and deeply etched petroglyphs that have survived for centuries in remote caves and shelters. Designated as a […]

Historic Willo Neighborhood Walking Tour (Phoenix) – CANCELLED

This field trip has been CANCELLED This upcoming AAHS field trip is a walking tour through the historic Willo Neighborhood, located near Midtown Phoenix. The Willo neighborhood contains outstanding examples of early 20th century residential architecture. Phoenix experienced rapid growth in the 1920s, leading to a construction boom of new homes, including a series of […]