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Instructions for Martin-Orrell Research Grants

Proposal Format

Cover Sheet: The Project Title followed by a substantive subtitle, which should describe the project in concise, informative language so that a scientifically or technically literate reader can understand what the project is about. List any project collaborators.

Project Description: The project description should be no more than 6 single-spaced pages of text plus an additional 5 pages of figures. One may decrease the number of text pages to increase figure pages but not the reverse. The project description should be a clear statement of the work to be undertaken. Applicants should note that the project description must contain a separate section within the narrative that discusses the broader impacts of the proposed activities. The project description should provide clear descriptions of relevant literature and theoretical frameworks within which the project is set, a complete description of the research methods that will be used, and a discussion of the expected intellectual merit and broader impacts that may result from the project. Please describe potential opportunities for avocationalists to participate in this project.

Letters of Collaboration: If the research project includes a significant component requiring the involvement of another institution, permits to conduct the work, commitment of a laboratory, foreign government, or other individual it is recommended that the proposal include a letter (or letters) of collaboration. The content of the letter(s) should be limited to a brief description of the committed facilities or resources. Letters of recommendation are not allowed.

Permits: Indicate that appropriate permits and (if needed) Human Subjects Authorization have been obtained.

Data-Management Plan: All proposals must include as a supplementary document a plan for data management and sharing the products of research. The successful awardee is expected to submit information on the research topic for use by AAHS in its publications and online media as well as a final report on completion. The data-management plan to be submitted with a proposal must be no longer than a page in length.

Project Budget: The project budget should be included as a supplementary document. The Martin-Orrell grant is intended to fund the costs of undertaking research. Please note that the funds cannot be used as a salary or stipend for the researcher or for equipment. Examples of the kinds of expenses that may be included in the proposal budget are the following (please note that this list is illustrative and not inclusive):

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