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F. Lewis Orrell Jr. Bequest Curriculum Development Award

Lulu Walker Elementary School students enjoying lunch at Catalina State Park

AAHS awards multiple grants annually with a total of $5,000 awarded per year for curriculum enhancement related to the archaeology, history, or anthropology of the American Southwest. Most awards range between $300-$750.00. We are accepting proposals from any public or public-charter elementary, middle, or high school located in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico or Utah. Awards will be granted on a competitive basis. These grants are available thanks to a generous bequest to AAHS from F. Lewis Orrell Jr.

One of the missions of AAHS is to expand diversity and inclusiveness in the fields of history, archaeology and anthropology. We believe that one way to accomplish this is to expose children to these fields at an early age.

How to apply:

  • Funds may be requested for materials, supplies, textbooks, or other instructional materials used in classrooms as well as transportation for students. Funds can also be used for direct expenses (travel, enrollment costs) for K-12 teachers continuing education in courses related to the archaeology, anthropology, or history of the southwestern United States.
  • The proposal must clearly state what you want to do. It must demonstrate that the money received will be sufficient to accomplish your project, either in entirety or as matched with other funds.
  • Include a detailed budget. List each item and/or thing you plan to spend funds on.
  • The written (non-budget) portion of the proposal should not be more than 2 pages (double-spaced, 12-point font).
  • Applications must include an endorsement from your school principal.  

Check back for future deadlines. Please complete the Application Form.  For Application Form click here.

Funded projects:

Funds will be dispersed by AAHS to the awardee’s school or organization.

A report detailing the project’s execution and outcomes along with a detailed financial statement must be submitted to AAHS within 60 days after the completion of the project.

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