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Sponsored Research Projects

From time to time AAHS has sponsored research projects.

Cocoraque Butte Rock Art

The AAHS “Rock Band” at work on Cocoraque Ranch butte.
The data collection phase of this project is now completed. For a good general description of the project check out.
This volunteer effort seeks to record all petroglyphs, along with both grinding features and surface artifacts found in proximity to the glyphs, at the BLM’s public Cocoraque […]

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Clovis projectile point recovered from the Sayles’ Locality at Desperation Ranch. Courtesy of Arizona State Museum

The first results are in from this project which was recently highlighted in Western Digs.
In partnership with the Friends of Cave Creek Canyon, archaeologists from Coronado National Forest, and the Argonaut Archaeological Fund (University of Arizona), the Arizona Archaeological and […]

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Fort Mason

Fort Mason Sign at Calabazas – 1926
On August 21, 1865 a garrison of California Volunteer Infantry and Cavalry established the site of Fort Mason under command of Colonel Charles W. Lewis. The fort was established below the Spanish Colonial Mission site of Calabazas close to the present day International Wastewater Treatment Plant in Rio Rico, […]

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Redtail Curation Project

From 1984 to 1987, AAHS conducted excavations at the Redtail site, an important Hohokam site in the northern Tucson Basin. The Redtail Site is part of a large Hohokam settlement complex known as the Los Morteros Community, which dates from the pioneer period through the Classsic period (AD 450-14150). The site is well known for […]

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