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Book Reviews

Reviews of single books were published on the AAHS website for Kiva issues 75(3) to 78(3) with the hope that reviews would reach a wider audiences in this open online format. During this time thematic reviews and review articles that discussed more than one book were published within the printed pages of the journal itself. Thereafter, they were published at Taylor & Francis Online.  Despite their popularity, online publications such as these cannot be permanently archived. So, beginning with 80(1), book reviews will again be included in the hard copy of the journal. Digital copies will continue to be available at the publisher’s website.

Reviews published online should be cited as follows:

Alberg-Yohe, Jill

2010 Review of Patterns of Exchange: Navajo Weavers and Traders, by Teresa J. Wilikins. Kiva 75(3). Review published online,, accessed March 15, 2010.


Publishers interested in book reviews should contact Dr. Robert J. Stokes, Department of Anthropology and Applied Archaeology, ENMU Sta. 53, 1500 S Avenue K, Portales, NM 88130; email:



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