Lecture by Dr. Michael Bletzer, Tierra perdida: New Mexico’s Piro and Tiwa provinces, c. 1650-1700

Popular notions of the Piro pueblos tend to be limited to the historical fact that several hundred Piros (as well as Tiwas and members of other Pueblo groups) ended up in the El Paso area during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. It is often claimed that the reason for this relocation was pro-Spanish affinity on […]

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Scholarships and Grants Awarded

AAHS Scholarship and Grant Recipients for 2010

The Society awarded $3300 in research and travel grants and scholarships this year. The recipients of this year’s awards are:
Research Grant
Kathryn Putsavage (U of Colorado, Boulder), $1000 to conduct GIS mapping, in-field ceramic analysis, ground penetrating radar studies, and preliminary test excavations at the Black Mountain site near […]

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