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James E. Ayers

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Kiva Book Review Vol 75, No 4

Reviewed by James E. Ayres

Hayden Flour Mill: Landscape, Economy, and Community Diversity in Tempe, Arizona.
Volume 1: Introduction, Historical Research, and Historic Architecture
by Victoria D.
Vargas, Thomas E. Jones, Scott Solliday, and Don W. Ryden; Volume 2: Archaeology,
Synthesis, and Management Summary
by Robert J. Stokes and Victoria D. Vargas;
Volume 3: Hayden Flour Mill Historic Preservation Plan by Teresa L. Pinter, Don
W. Ryden, and Victoria D. Vargas.

1320 pp., 3 volumes, References Cited, 16 Appendices.

Archaeological Consulting Services, 2008. $5 (CD).

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