Hohokam 101 Class

This fall AAHS will offer a four part course on the Hohokam archaeological culture. The course is designed for those with little familiarity with the Hohokam – the ancient inhabitants of the Sonoran Desert. Enrollment is limited to 25 people. Lectures will be held at the Arizona State Museum, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on four successive Tuesdays, starting October 15th. There will be ample time for questions as well as viewing of artifacts. AAHS members can attend the entire series for $30, and non-members for $45 (Non-members joining AAHS before the end of the course will receive a $15 refund). Pre-registration and pre-payment are required. To register, send an email to Katherine Cerino at kcerino@gmail.com.

The planned lectures are:

Tuesday 15 Oct

  • Overview of the Hohokam Sequence. (Patrick Lyons)
  • The Early Agricultural Period and the pre-Classic, with special focus on
  • Hohokam Subsistence and Tumamoc Hill. (Paul Fish)

Tuesday 22 Oct

  • The Hohokam Classic Period with a focus on Marana and University Indian Ruins. (Suzanne Fish)

Tuesday 29 Oct

  • The Protohistoric Period with comparative data from the San Pedro and other nearby areas. (Patrick Lyons)

Tuesday 5 Nov

  • The Tucson Basin and Beyond: Hohokam Population Trends through Time: a synthesis of settlement patterns. (Matthew Peeples)
  • Panel Discussion and Question/Answer Session.


Suggested Reading:

Fish, Suzanne K. and Paul R. Fish (editors)

The Hohokam Millennium. School for Advanced Research Press, Santa Fe (2007).

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